Plastic Debris Circulation and Transport in the North Pacific Ocean

Project developed for “The Ocean Cleanup” foundation. It aims to simulate currents and waves in the northeastern Pacific Ocean, known as the Great Pacific Gargage Patch (GPGP), where tons of plastic wastes have been building up for decades. The biggest…

Dynamics of the Southeast Brazilian Continental Shelf focused on the Bay of Paranaguá

In this project, the simulation of the continental shelf dynamics is carried out with the open source numerical model ROMS (Regional Ocean Modeling System). The studied area is the coastal ocean off the Brazilian coast between Rio de Janeiro and…

Guanabara Bay Water Quality: Dispersion of pollutants

The water quality of the Guanabara Bay is systemically studied in a numerical simulation of hydrodynamics and pollutant dispersion. The biggest challenge is the identification of sources of clandestine pollutants, as well as their locations, discharge intensities and compositions.