Waves and Currents

Study of waves and currents in coastal environments through numerical simulation and / or data observation. Used in the planning of coastal infrastructure and other large-scale projects.

Transportat and Accumulation of Plastic Debris in the Oceans

Study of the dispersion of plastic in the oceans, with emphasis on the identification of low dynamic areas where plastic debris accumulates.

Pollutant Dispersion

Numerical simulation of the dispersion of sewage plumes and other pollutants. Used in the planning of marine outfalls.

Sediment Erosion, Deposition and Transportation

Study of erosion, deposition and sediment transport in beaches, estuaries, coastal lagoons, lagoons and bays. Used in planning the use of such environments as well as definition of dredged material disposal areas.

Port Dredging Feasibility Study

Numerical simulation of hydrodynamics and sedimentary dynamics considering current bathymetry and bathymetry altered by dredging. Used mainly in the dredging planning of deepening of navigation channels.

Study of Local Alternatives

Numerical simulation of the implementation of coastal construction projects, considering several scenarios, offering the alternative with the best cost benefit ratio. Mainly used in the implementation of wharfs and piers, as well as coastal erosion containment piers and navigation channels.